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Eco-friendly Wedding Flowers

Getting married is one of the biggest’ s moments in life, and your wedding style reveals your life styles, love story and values.  If you and your partner are planet lovers, using our “Save the Flowers” wedding preserved flowers rental services demonstrates your care for the environment. 

Uneed Flower, a Markham florist, we are eco-friendly advocates; and flower lover.  It is heartbreaking for us to see beautiful wedding eternity flowers going to the dumpster after a few hours. Thus, we are thrilled to offer exquisite preserved wedding flower arrangements and wedding bouquets for purchase and for rent.     

All our natural preserved flowers and foliage are of top-quality. They have been treated with environmentally friendly substances that are non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-carcinogenic—a process that preserves their freshness and delicacy for an extended period of time, from several months to several years.  They look and feel as if they were freshly cut from the garden, but will last a lifetime. 


With over four hundred items of forever flowers and the endurance of the everlasting flowers, our in-house expert florists are able to curate wedding flowers without any limitations.  We offer wedding styles from trendy to traditional, lavish to reserved with customization.  We curate the wedding flower arrangement in advance.  After having your confirmation for the prototype, your wedding flowers will be ready before your big day. 

With a guarantee of no unexpected surprises or issues that using fresh flowers may have, you will be able to relax and look forward to your important moments to come.

By using our “Save the Flowers” preserved flower arrangements, you are not only helping the planet but you will also be bringing your wedding costs down if you choose to use our rental services!

Tell us about your dream wedding and we will assure your dream comes true.