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How It All Began

I first came to appreciate the beauty of preserved flowers in Japan, where I learned Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Ikebana is a rigorous design practice and philosophy that brings together the beauty of the blooms, the movement of the branches and the space that foliage creates in an arrangement to evoke a sense of natural harmony.

The ephemeral quality of fresh flowers is difficult to accept—especially for floral designers who spend many hours working on their arrangements, only to have them wilt soon thereafter, and artificial flowers may look real from a distance, but once you touch them you soon realize there is no life in them at all.

I wondered: How could I remedy the short life span of my favourite blooms without sacrificing the liveliness of the flowers that first attracted me?

Enter: preserved flowers!

After attaining a license and teaching diploma from the Japan Preserved Flower Association, I became inspired to start my own preserved flowers business.

Voila!  Uneed Flowers was born.

At UNEED Flowers, we are thrilled to offer preserved roses in a box, eternity bouquet, preserved flower arrangement for purchase and wedding flowers for rent, delivered to your door.

In our passion for sustainability, Uneed Flowers only use high-quality, preserved fresh flowers and foliage. We carefully process it with a unique, biodegradable formulation free from toxins, carcinogens, and corrosive substances. Our eco-friendly formula ensures that our products are genuinely safe for our customers and help reduce waste to our eco-systems. 

With countless colours to choose from, as well as a stunning assortment of foliage, you can curate your own bouquet or have one of our team members design something specifically for you.

 We hope you enjoy the flowers as much as we do!


 Laetitia L,

Founder, Uneed Flowers