Q & A

How does Online Workshop/webinar work?


  1. After you register for the workshop, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. 

  2. The “Workshop Kit” will be shipped out within two days.  You will receive the shipment status notification e-mail during the shipping period.

  3. You will receive a webinar link three days before your workshop. You are required to download the “Zoom” app for participation. 

  4. During the webinar, we will prepare the arrangement together.  I will ask you to share your screen with me, so that I may observe your progress.   


When should I register? 


As we need time to send the workshop kit, please register a week in advance if you are in Ontario.  Seven to ten days for B.C. is recommended.

We will inform you if there is not enough time for the kit to reach you before the scheduled workshop date.  We will offer you a refund or ask you to sign up for an alternative class. Please e-mail us at



Product return and exchange


We don’t offer refunds and exchange our products due to issues of hygiene.  We perform a high standard of quality control before shipment.  However, damage may occur during delivery.  Customers should take pictures before and after opening the package just in case.  All the relevant evidence need to be sent to us within three days for insurance claims. In this case, we may consider granting a refund or an exchange. Uneed Design Inc. reserves the right to make the final decision.


Physical workshop and webinar re-schedule and cancellation  


We accept one-time re-scheduling for the physical workshop within three months of the originally planned workshop.  If customers decide not to attend the workshop, they may still request the material be sent to them. Full refunds will apply only for the cancellation that are made 14 days before the workshop date.  This is the only situation where full refunds may be granted.

Other refunds or exchanges aren’t available. 


For the online workshop/webinar, customers can re-schedule twice on our website for an alternative date within three months of the original date. 


Uneed Flowers reserves the right not to provide services or products or grant class cancellation at any time.

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